Jigar’s mom says you ruined my son’s life. He was so happy wanted to start a new life. Pari says please listen to me. She says shut up you have deceived us. She says go away from our lives. She throws her out of the house. Pari apologizes but no one listens to her. Kokila says we don’t wanna listen anything go away from here. This has happened because Jigar saw Pari hugging Vivan. Gopi trusts her and goes out to find her.

Off screen: Paridhi says I have cried a lot today. Jigar’s mom says a very few people are like that who cry naturally as well. She cries very easily. Kokila says there is a lot of misunderstanding. I asked meethi to kick paridhi out of house. Paridhi says no one was with me. Paridhi says how would I know that my husband will come when I am hugging my ex. Paridhi says I make someone trust me.

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