Kokila takes the ringing alarm phone to Paridhi asks he is waking up. Paridhi wakes up and nags about disturbing her slumber. Paridhi is still sleepy.

Reporter says, Paridhi you have to wake up and Kokila has come to get you up with an innovative way.

Paridhi off screen says, Either you are young or old, everyone loves sleeping. in my case, everyone is after sleeping pattern and this time its Kokila aunty.

Reporter says, Kokila is stead fast about her decision. Once she decides something she does it anyhow. The gave a challenge to Gopi that she will mold Paridhi according to the family. This is why Gopi is standing far away and smiling at her near triumph.

Kokila says to Paridhi, you promised me that you will be responsible. Pardihi says what i have to do now ?

Kokila tells the reporter, that once Paridhi has come here she has to follow the rules and regulations of the family. Koki won’t let anyone distract anyone from the family rituals. Paridhi says, seriously I am very lazy person. When Paridhu wants to sleep she will. She is a cool person don’t drag her in this household stuff.

Reporter says, well Pari if you want to stay in the house you have to follow the rules or Kokila will throw you out. She has even challenges you. Kokila off screen says, No one can go out of Koki’s cage and if someone doesn’t follow koki she will be thrown out. Pari says, the one who will throw me out will have to bring me back as well.

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