Kabir thinks to propose his special reporter. He tries to propose her while talking casually with her over a tea. He just tells her that a boy known to him loves a girl, and the girl is oblivious to his feelings for her. Ananya gives him tips. Hojaaye Ulfat song plays……….He then writes a letter and gives to his employee asking him to give it to Ananya.

Reporter says his plan no. 2 also failed. He writes love letter again and keeps it on her desk. Ananya comes and opens the letter. She reads the love letter and says so sweet, but the name is not written. She passed the letter to her colleague. Reporter says it is sad that his trick failed. Kabir thinks to send love confession in a selfie video, but when he tries to send the video there was no network.

Kabir gets tensed and tries to search for the network. He thinks about other idea. Reporter asks Kabir to call Ananya and tell her directly. He calls Ananya’s desk phone and someone else picks the call. The girl is surprised, Kabir tells he is talking about script. He comes to Ananya. He asks when you will come in the morning. Ananya asks him not to say anything and gets angry as he couldn’t tell her anything.

Kabir thinks to drop him home, and will confess to her on the way but there was hurdle in his love. Ananya gets a phone call from Ronnie and she tells he will go on his bike. Kabir tries confessing love to Ananya in seven different ways. He determines to confesses love soon. Keep reading.

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