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One of the best things about playing the roles of Gods and Goddesses is that the characters teach many important things to the actors.

For actor Gourab, his role of Lord Krishna in Star Jalsha’s daily Bhakter Bhagaban Shri Krishna (Surinder Films) is not just another character but a lesson in itself.

He says that it taught him many things about life, which he would definitely try to apply when the need arises.

About his learning, he shared with , “Lord Krishna was born in prison to parents – Devaki and Vasudeva and was raised by his foster parents Nanda and Yasoda in Gokula. So, he got the love and affection of two mothers and valued both the relationships. He was in love with Radha but couldn’t marry her due to various reasons. He was also the ruler of a kingdom, which needed him to take many tough decisions. There were various phases in his life. I got to learn many things while playing Lord Krishna.”

“The main things that I learnt from him are: valuing family bonding, understanding the reality and be practical,” he added.”

And guess what the cherry on the top is?

Well, the role bagged him “Shera Chele-2017” award from Star Jalsha Parivar.

He is immensely happy on the win. He expressed, “I am very happy to win this award. I dedicate this to my audience and of course to Surinder Films, director Anup Chakraborty and writer Writam Ghoshal for having faith in me and letting me play the role of Lord Krishna.”

Great going, Gourab!

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