Reporter says, the love express of Mayra and Rudra has started its journey. As Mayra runs to Rudra and he saved her from Thruv by lifting her in his arms.

Reporter says, the engine of love love is going at full pace. Thruv and Mayra were playing hide and seek and Rudra came to rescue Mayra by holding her in his arms. He hugged them both later. Reporter nerrates, Looks like Rudra family is complete not. They all look so happu together.

Mayra off screen says, I have no idea I was just playing with the kids. Rudra is day dreaming ask him. Rudra says, I have been carrying Mayra since so long. Mayra says yeah he has adapted me.

Carrying Mayra in arms was just Rudra’s dream. She was playing and actually her friend Rahul carried her in the arms and Rudra fell in dreams.

Rudra tells the reporter, it can’t happen in reality so at least I can do that in dreams. She came and broke my dream.

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