Aahil looks shockingly at Sanam and Sunheri as he was unaware of Sanam’s twin. He looks at the women in veil with surprise. Sajda song plays………………………

Reporter says, the face have changed with whom Aahil was supposed to get married and have dreamt to marry. Aahil’s dream was broken, someone is in veil who will bring trouble in Aahil’s life. Aahil says it will be interesting to watch the third Sanam.

Reporter says Aahil’s Sanam gave him a big shock. He saw Sanam with her sister Sunehri and is left speechless and shocked. Aahil says he is shaken. Reporter says Sanam has become marriage encylopedia.

Sanam says I have become bride for 10th time, but this is my third nikah. Everytime I run off from marriage and says qubool nahin hain. Aahil laughs and says he married just for 2 time.

Tanveer is responsible for this twist. We will show the third face soon who is veiled. Keep reading

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