Prince Narula penalized on the sets of Roadies

A wise man once said, “Respect time and time will respect you”!
Well, gang leader Prince Narula was at the receiving end of this when he turned up late for the Delhi auditions of MTV Roadies Rising.

In the upcoming episode, gang leaders Rannvijay, Neha Dhupia and Karan Kundra will be seen reaching the audition venue on time but Prince Narula was nowhere to be found. When he eventually turned up, the other gang leaders decided to test him on what qualities does he possess to be a gang leader.

A source from the sets revealed, “It was fun to see Prince swap places and audition in front of the other gang leaders. To test him they made him dance but the real fun started when the gang leaders decided to test his general knowledge. From asking the capital of Bhutan to the name of the Mumbai airport, Prince was tested on all.”
Do you think he passed the test of the gang leaders?

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