Pooja to agree helping Naren in Piyaa Albela

Zee TV’s newly launched Piyaa Albela is entertaining viewers with its fresh tale and talented star cast.
Helmed by Sooraj Barjatya, the story is a modern day adaptation of Vishwamitra and Meneka and stars Sheen Das and Akshay Mhatre in the lead roles.

As readers would know Naren’s family had asked Pooja to help him evolve and also take care of him. Though she had initially rejected the offer, Naren’s mom (Jyoti Gauba) will plead to her making her accept the job.

Shared a source, “Pooja feels indebted to Supriya knowing that she had paid for her education. And seeing her helpless because of her son’s condition, she will agree to be Naren’s friend and help him in his transformation.”

On the other hand, Pooja will also inform mama ji that she has managed to get a job and would want to take it up. Initially reluctant, he will agree for the same.

And thus will begin the saga of Pooja and Naren and how both will play catalyst in each other’s life.
We could not reach the actors for a comment.

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