New Mystery man enters Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

Who is Suber and what’s his deal with Ishita?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is giving us shockers day by day! In the upcoming episodes, we will see Abhishek arrest Ishita for provoking Vidyut’s fan Misha to commit suicide! The family tells Abhishek that Ishita has nothing to do with her suicide but Abhishek won’t listen to them. Apparently, Misha would have written a note before killing herself where she blames Ishita for being the reason for her suicide. Due to this, Misha’s family abuses Ishita for having an affair with Vidyut!

Raman bursts out on Misha’s family for abusing Ishita but the police takes Ishita and jail her. In the police station, Shagun adds more drama to the track as she stands as an eyewitness and claims of knowing about Ishita and Vidyut’s affair!

Shagum’s statement makes the case more difficult for Ishita! But then a mystery man who goes by the name of Suber steps in and bails her out of the jail! Who is this Suber and what does he want from Ishita? Only time will tell! Keep reading this space for more updates!

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