Neha Marda uses real-life experience in jewellery designing for role

Actress Neha Marda’s character Shubra in the show “Kyon Rishton Mein Katti Batti” has taken up jewellery designing as a profession.

Neha has a diploma in jewellery designing and has professionally designed jewellery, too, and she has used the experience to portray her role on screen.

“My character is transitioning from a housewife to a jewellery designer, which is the most amazing coincidence that could happen. While not many people are aware of it, I pursue jewellery designing in real life too. The moment I read about my character’s profession I literally jumped with excitement and told the director and producer of the show, Arvind Babbal, about my hands-on experience,” she says.

She adds: “I am actually quite excited to see myself as a designer on-screen because it’s been a really long time since I have focused on designing a piece. It requires months and months of work and usually I am unable to take out that kind of time. When it comes to designing for family and friends, I do approve a couple of designs but otherwise I have a team in place to manage this for me.”

Neha says since she knows the profession well, she is sure that she will be able to perform this side of her character well.

“Frankly, it is an outstanding opportunity to portray this side of my character since I know all the knacks of this profession. Having a diploma and being an actual jewelry designer, I was aware of all the materials and items that designers work with and hence knew what my character would require. I had the entire kit starting from tracing paper, pencils, stencils, roofers kept ready for my scene. My guidance and observations made it quite simple for my team to make my character’s profession seem authentic,” she says.

She also wears some of her designs on the show.

“Wearing some of my own designs was the most proud and exciting experience for me. It feels great when your hobby helps you earn and what’s real for you becomes part of your reel life too,” she says.

“Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti” airs on Zee TV.

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