Navratri 2017: Rashmi Desai, Jasmin Bhasin, Adaa Khan share their Navratri plans

As the days of Navratri go by, the entire country is heavy with the Dandiya fervour. Our favourite TV actors too are not far behind. They too enjoy garba and dandiya nights to the hilt. Not just that, they are extremely fond of the yummy food and other festivities that these days bring with them.
Jasmin Bhasin: In 2006, I had organised a dandiya event when I was a school student in Kota, Rajasthan. That was the best Navratri experience as I personally took the initiative. I play dandiya every year as I love the festivity and the colors. I like dressing up as well. Every year, I go for garba nights with my Gujarati friends. Garba, comes naturally to me. I don’t fast during Navratri but I follow all the pujas at home. I have been celebrating this festival since my childhood. I also believe in the power and blessings of Maa Durga. I surely look forward to it every year. This time the weather too is good everywhere.
Dalljiet Kaur: I am shooting in Gujarat this year, for my new show Maa Durga. What could be better than that. Although, I don’t fast, I am one with the festive spirits. The feel of seeing people in colorful attires, going to temple charges me up as well. This is by far the best Navratri, I could wish for. I usually go for Garba, when I am in Mumbai as I am very fond of dancing. I am sure for one or two days, this year as well, I will attend the Garba night here in Gujarat. The festive atmosphere perks me up and weather is also quite pleasant.
Aniruddh Dave: The best time of the year is here. Navratri’s nine days are like full of masti and dhamal for me, thanks to the garba and the dandiya nights. I attend as many events as I can, during this time. However, it barely feels like work. The atmosphere is so vibrant and full of energy and colour. You get to see people dressed up in colourful Indian attires – kurta pyjama, dhoti, Saris and lehengas. This year too, I will surely go for Garba at least for two days. I am from Jaipur and would also be visiting home for a day or two. Navratri festival is celebrated in a big way there as well. I also intend to go to Gujarat for a garba night. Food, of course, is a big part of Navratri and I also love to binge on sabudana khichadi and fruits. I fast on the first and last day of Navratri. I a mceleberating Navratri with my wife Shubhi.
Rashami Desai: I am a Gujarati, so for me, Navratri is all about dressing up, meeting friends and watching everyone play dandiya, besides doing pooja. It’s one of the most colourful, rich festivals for us Gujaratis. I have been fasting for nine days as a ritual since many years. The significance of this festival is the removal of all miseries in life. Durga is also referred to as Devi or Shakti, and I am an avid believer. I love dandiya and the togetherness and celebration that comes with these days. And of course, playing Dandiya definitely calls for bright colours. My most precious childhood memories of Navratri are the times when my mother used to take me shopping for Garba and Dandiya. I remember buying all those colourful costumes and jewellery and playing garba on all the nine nights. It’s an amazing festive season of yummy food and dance, especially in Mumbai and Gujarat. I would surely go for Garba at least twice or thrice, this time, depending upon my shooting schedules.
Adaa Khan: I love the festive spirit the colorful atmosphere. One gets to dress up and go for garba nights. I do have gujrati friends. Mumbai in any case is cosmopiltan where all festivals are celebrated. If my friends eat veg i also end up eating veg. I don’t fast though. I am fond of dancing so that is also enjoyed to the hilt.

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