Naira ruins Keerti’s Shuddhikaran pooja; fights with Bua Dadi!

Will Bua Dadi mend her ways now?

Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is currently focusing on Naksh and Keerti’s wedding drama. While both the families are in a celebratory mood, Bua Dadi doesn’t seem to be happy with this alliance as Keerti is a divorcee.

And despite Kartik warning Bua Dadi to not disrespect Keerti again, she still hasn’t really come to terms with accepting Keerti full heartedly. Bua Dadi goes to the Goenka house and takes Keerti to the temple under the pretext of doing a pooja.

A happy Goenka family will be elated to see how Keerti is being taken care of and will send Keerti. However, Bua Dadi’s pandit ji would have left his diary at their house by mistake which Dadi eventually spots. She will be shocked to find about Keerti’s shuddhikaran pooja.

In the meanwhile, Keerti, who finds the proceedings of the puja weird, informs Kartik and Naira about the same. The duo reaches the temple, just before Bua Dadi is about to pour water on Keerti to cleanse her of her first marriage.

Naira berates Bua Dadi and tells her that she is in no position to judge Keerti whether she is pure or impure and also goes on to break the water pots. Kartik too gets very angry and lashes out at Bua Dadi and tells her to be frank about opposing Naksh and Keerti’s alliance instead of playing games and insult his sister.

And when Naksh comes to know of the incident, he too apologizes to Keerti for his Bua Dadi’s irrational behaviour. How will Dadi react to the whole incident, now that she has come to know of Bua Dadi’s intentions?

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