Naagin 2: Shesha has a new enemy – her ‘boyfriend’ Mahishasur

Kapalika to die a painful death…

The upcoming episode of Colors’ Naagin 2 will bring in high drama as the motive for revenge gets stronger for Shivangi.

Shivangi is killing her mother Shivanya’s murderers one by one with the help of Rudra. Rocky misunderstands this friendship as love and this is creating a havoc in his relationship with Shivangi.

In the upcoming track, Shivangi will manage to kill Kapalika. Yamini will be on the receiving end of this big news and will be shocked to lose out on one of her best associates who was helping her to get her hands on the Naagmani.

And with this, the show will bring new characters who will help Yamini achieve her goal!

Mahishasur, the ‘Ichhadhari Bullock,’ already made an entry into the show and attacked Rudra. But now, he will be seen entering Yamini’s house as Shesha’s boyfriend to make Shivangi’s life a living hell. However, in the later stages, we will realize that Mahishasur has his own motives behind entering the house and that is an enemy to both – Shivangi and Shesha.

Stay tuned to know what happens next.

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