In the reception party of Ranveer and Ishani, Ranveer dances with his mother in law and they are quite compatible with each other. They are having a good time. this is the new face of Falguni.

Falguni says, you must have seen it for the first time. Ranveer says, this is the first time for me I have never danced with my mother in law. I was a bit nervous and wondering what expressions will I show. There was a thin line to maintain. She says yeah, but it went off well.

Falguni is trying her best to make Ranveer and Ishani one. Ranveer and Ishani had to dance in the reception, but their differences came in between. After that, falguni gave tips to ranveer. Then he went to Ishani to and was lost in her eyes. Ishani and Ranveer later danced on the song, ‘tu hi mera’.

Ishani says, I always considered Ranveer as my friend only and then I started hating him. If a man touches you and dances with you, you would tickle. I am confused what emotions should I give.

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