Samaira is waiting for Arjun on the mandap dressed up as a bride, but Arjun was with Radhika in her room. Everyone come there and is shocked to see their closeness. Radhika stops Samaira and Arjun’s marriage and confesses that they love each other. Samaira is in shock while her mum slaps her hard.

Radhika confesses again when her mum confronts her. She don’t want Arjun and Samaira to marry, as she has doubt on Arjun. She knows that Arjun wants to take revenge for his sister Nandini and wants to ruin Samaira’s life. She wants to save Samaira from Arjun.

It is truth that they love each other, but Arjun thinks he is just affected by her, and not in love as of now. Nandini and Samaira’s father had an affair which the latter broken up. Keep reading.

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