Kunwar Pratap is all ready as groom with his baraat to marry Ajabde. Reporter says, the Golden prince has come on white horse to marry with his princess. Clothes with Gold line, Red Royal Turban is looking elegant on Kunwar Pratap.

Off-screen Pratap says, I am wearing a very beautiful dress. I am wearing rings in hand, red turban with sehra, a red stole on my shoulder and a necklace like of girls.

Reporter says, Pratap is very excited about his marriage that he doesn’t wanna look less than his bride that’s why he is getting ready for his marriage calmly and also noticing every minute thing. Pratap is shown to be getting ready in his dressing room.

Reporter says, all baraties are enjoying and groom is very excited about his marriage that’s why he is dancing sitting on horse only.

Off-screen Pratap clarifies that I was dancing off-screen only and when camera panned on me I made a straight face, I am dancer afterall so I danced in barat.

Reporter says, soon Pratap’s happy moments will turn into sad one as he maybe a brave warrior but nothing works infront of a wife.

Off-screen, Pratap and Ajabde gives interview. Pratap says, I am not allowed to see her, he puts hand between his and her face, Pratap ask ajabde what to do? she says why would I tell you. Pratap says, if you can see me then I can see you too, he looks at ajabde and laughs seeing her all decked up. He says, she wore all the gold she could get, Ajabde says, look at yourself first, Pratap says, I am wearing clothes made of Gold only. Ajabde says, you are wearing green necklace on Gold dress. Reporter says, seeing their fight, we can’t suggest whose dominance will work more.
Pratap says to Ajabde that you can show your dominance, I wont mind as Pratap married many a times and you are first one. At this, Ajabde hits him while Pratap winks.

Reporter says, like pratap is expert in winning wars, he won heart of Ajabde too. He cutely made Ajabde realize of her winning dominance and won himself too. Reporter says, we suggest to Pratap that forget about 430 marriages, you should concentrate on your first marriage as someone is scheming against your marriage, there is someone who wants to stop this marriage, there is someone who wants to hurt you and that is none other than your younger mother Dheer Baiji, she has come in your barat in disguise and wants to hurt you. Dheer is seen hiding her face in Pratap’s marriage.

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