Life Ok and Colors come at LOGGERHEADS with a RACE for a show!

So who will be the first to launch the show..?

The game of channels coming at loggerheads is nothing new, where channels have their constant rivalry going on for trying to surpass the other.

And in one such instance, juggernaut channel, Colors and fighter channel, Life Ok have come at loggerheads over one show. And that show is ‘Chandrakanta’.

We already reported about how Life Ok channel is set to undergo a revamp and has several shows set to roll in the pipeline.

However, there is one show that has got special attention and that is ‘Chandrakanta’.

It goes as there are two shows based on Chandrakanta, with obviously similar concept set to be rolling on Life Ok and Colors.

While, Producer Nikhil Sinha’s ‘Chandrakanta’ has begun work and is rolling, EKta Kapoor’s version of the show is planned but no work has begun on it yet.

However, who wins the race and gets their show on-air first is the question that remains.

Meanwhile, Life Ok’s plan for revamp will witness the scrapping of almost all on-air shows running currently. However, there is speculation that ‘May I Come in Madam?’ and ‘Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant’ may continue being aired.

There was another question as to whether Yash Patnaik’s ambitious project, ‘Nagarjun – Ek Yoddha’ will continue. According to sources, ‘Nagarjun – Ek Yoddha’ will also face the axe, as despite several attempts, the show has been fetching miserable ratings.

The array of new shows set to be introduced include ‘Chandrakanta’, Niti Taylor starrer, ‘Ghulam’, Rajan Shahi’s upcoming venture and Disha Parmar’s comeback show.

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