Tanu apologizes to Pragya and says she thought her wrong. Pragya is surprised. Reporter says Tanu is looking changed and vamp has become a heroine we haven’t think. She has turned positive as she understood that Pragya is not at fault.

Pragya doesn’t love Purab nor she did a mistake that she gets married to Abhi. Pragya says, she is surprised at Tanu’s behavior. She is in shock as Tanu is apologizing her. Reporter says, Tanu wants to help her and make her life easy.

Tanu says, she feels sorry for her. Pragya says, she realizes that I was not wrong. Tanu says, she won’t tell anything to Abhi as he might get closer to Pragya. So she will make plans to hide the truth. Reporter says, What will happen to Abhi. Abhi will fall for Pragya and their destiny is united by Kumkum. Keep reading.

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