Pragya is surprised and says children. She asks whose children, where are they? Abhi suggests the name and Pragya also joins him. Reporter says Abhi and Pragya’s children are nowhere seen, but they are discussing their kids’ name. He says Daadi gave babynames books to them during the party. Abhi likes the baby’s name to be short and sweet. Pragya likes Sharma, Abhi says he likes Sujoy. Reporter says Pragya likes the name to be big and of great personalities. Abhi and Pragya argue.

Pragya says she likes heavy names. Abhi says he likes short names, but she likes big names. Reporter says your argument will continue and asks them to say with which names, they address each other. Abhi says fuggi and Pragya says suniye. They laugh. Reporter asks when will they welcome the happiness. Abhi says it will become. Reporter says your fans will eagerly wait for the good news. Keep reading.

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