Abhi and Pragya are seen romancing near the swimming pool while the song Teeke Teeke Se Uff Karari Ladki…………plays……..They enjoy and play in the swimming pool. Reporter says their love story is starting and enjoyment follows. Abhi and Pragya seem be enjoying each other presence. Reporter says Abhi and Pragya’s scene are looking like a comedy scene. They have reached near the swimming pool to chill out and not to swim. Abhi says they are chilling. He says they came to the party and then it was cancelled. They have organised after party. Pragya hugged Abhi and pleads to him not to leave her. Abhi asks her to look at the back. Abhi jokes that she doesn’t drink water.

Reporter says Abhi has decided to take out Pragya’s fear from her and that’s why making her play with water. Abhi says everyone came here to enjoy. It is necessary to go to the swimming pool. Bulbul comes out and waits for Purab. She slips. Pragya tries to save her and then she slips in the swimming pool. Abhi says both of them have water phobia and doesn’t know swimming. Abhi comes there and sees them in danger, so gives them water to drink. Reporter says Abhi and Pragya’s game will start. They splash water on each other. Paani Paani Saani plays………..She says how cute. She says bring it on…..Keep reading.

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