abhi is seen trying to kiss Pragya infront of Tanu in the hotel. Tanu gets irked and disturbs them. Reporter says, Jumma Ki Raat Abhi wanted to kiss Tanu but Pragya came in between then. Jumma Ki Baat Hain plays…….

Abhi and Pragya are together. Abhi says, I was asked to kiss. I closed my eyes and Pragya came infront of me. They were doing dinner when Pragya came. Abhi got confused because of dim lights. Hai Hai Mirchi plays……….

Tanu tells Abhi that she hates him and leaves. Abhi runs after her. Tanu says, I planned candle light dinner for Abhi and Pragya came in between us. Pragya says, I became bone in the meat for them. Reporter suggests Abhi to kiss Pragya with his consent. Keep reading.

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