Abhi is seen having fun with his family members, but the moment he sees Pragya he gets tensed. Biwi No. 1 song plays………Pragya smiles. Reporter asks Abhi to convey the good news which he got as a gift. Pragya tells that he is invited to be a part of the big world concert. It was his life’s big dream. Abhi is confused between Pragya and Tanu. He is unable to understand his feelings.

Abhi says Pragya has started developing feeings for him. Abhi is in state of confusion because at one side is Pragya and other side is Tanu. Abhi doesn’t know what he wants. Reporter asks when we ask them about Diwali. Pragya says it is our show’s Diwali. Abhi says we are here with the bang. Reporter says don’t know what will happen this Diwali. Keep reading.

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