Pragya is seen sadly walking……Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhage plays……………Abhi confronts her. She gets drenched in rain water. Reporter says Abhi has started loving Pragya and can’t digust the fact that Pragya doesn’t love her. Pragya is saying on his face that she doesn’t love him. Abhi asks her to shut up. When Abhi confesses his love, Pragya refused to love him being helpless. Abhi is trying to speak his heart out. She says today it will be easy to confess their love to each other during raining.

Abhi gets angry and says I love you very much. You have changed me completely. Abhi says I was not like this, but your love has changed me. Pragya says he didn’t say. Abhi says our drama is dreamy or might be real. Reporter says it is difficult to take their interview. When we asked him about rain, he started explaining us science. Abhi says we are waiting for the real rains. Keep reading.

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