Krystle, Elli AvrRam, Evelyn have virtual ‘mini glam party’

Actresses Krystle Dsouza, Elli AvrRam and Evelyn Sharma attended a virtual party organised by singer Avina Shah, who recently released her latest single “Husan di rani”.

The fun video session, also attended by many other friends of Avina, was all about singing, dancing, make-up tips and selfies despite the current crisis.

“We were really missing the feeling of ‘glamming up’ and going out with friends, so this really is the next best thing right now,” said Avina.

“Thankfully social media is allowing us to stay connected with friends and family during these times. Through this video we just wanted to let everyone know that with a little creativity and improvisation, we can still maintain a social life and have fun,” she added.

The video released on May 4.

“In times like these when everything around feels so dull and boring, it was fun connecting with so many ‘husan di ranis’ from across the globe and have a mini glam party of our own. Hope this lightens everyone’s mood like it did ours while filming it,” said Krystle.

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