Bundela family is crying and Paridhi has a sharp smile on her face, as she has Manjulika’s soul in her. The ghosts have killed Omkar. Offscreen Manjulika’s mum says Omkar is one of the nine persons who killed me.

Reporter says Vishal is also missing, family is finding him, they will get shocked knowing Manjulika killed Vishal, but Paridhi told Dadi to keep puja at home. Offscreen Rajbeer says Dadi also feels there is negative energy at home and she wants to keep puja.

Paridhi and Bundela family are doing Hanuman puja, and Rajbeer called psychiatrist to get some items to cure Paridhi. Manjulika is fooling everyone. Doctor tells Rajveer that someone did Vashikaran on Paridhi and gives Infrared cameras to him, to keep an eye on Paridhi and if there is any ghost, it will be visible in the camera. Keep reading.

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