Kanika Mann’s family wanted her to quit Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega

Kanika Mann from Guddan Tumse Na Ho Paayega resumes shoot from tomorrow. Here’s what the actress had to say about it.

Are you back in the city?

I came back today itself from Delhi as we have to restart our shoot from tomorrow.

Hope the journey was safe?

Yes, it was safe and smooth, just that I came 3 hours before my flight at the airport. I thought procedures would take a lot of time and I just can’t miss my flight.

So you all will be shooting from tomorrow on the set?

No tomorrow the team is coming at my place to shoot and from the 18th we’ll be shooting on our sets. In lockdown also, we had shot from our respective houses but only 3-4 days and then we stopped but again we are starting from home.

Were your parents OK sending you back to Mumbai with the increasing numbers?

Absolutely not! In fact, because of them only it took so much time for me to decide and come back. I stay alone in Mumbai and seeing the reports in news channels, they were extremely disturbed. For the last 10 days, my production people were calling me to come back from Delhi but my family was not ready considering the situation here. They even told me to quit the show if need be but I explained them aisa nahi hota, ‘mujhe karna hai show.’


So, they agreed on one condition that my mother and brother have also come down to Mumbai with me.

Show is taking an age leap now and all artists will be replaced. How does it make you feel?

I am already feeling so bad. They aren’t just my onscreen family but off screen family too. After the shoot also whatever plans I used to have was with them. So, you all can imagine how incomplete I will be. After the shoot will resume we will be shooting for 2-3 days together and I am just praying that they don’t call me when it’s their last day as I won’t be able to hold myself. I am a very emotional person and I am sure I won’t be able to hold back my tears.

How are they planning to shoot the climax of this?

They will be showing some accident sequence but details have not been shared with us.

You think shooting right now will be safe?

Honestly, I am scared as it is a kind of a risk as whatever precautions we take but it is going to be difficult for actors. As we will not be wearing masks all the time. Even if we do our own makeup, the dress we wear will be managed and ironed by others. Properties will be touched by us. But we have no other way then to start shooting because a lot of people are suffering due to no work. And we have to think of them also.

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