Salim sits in Jodha’s feet and cries. Jodha hugs him and she is crying as well. Everyone else is crying as well. Salim has to leave his family. Jodha hugs Hamida. Jalal is the one who has decided this for Salim.

Jodha tells the reporter, Salim made a mistake and as a punishment he has been sen away from all of us. He has to live life of a common man outside the castle so he can have better understanding of humanity.

Salim was plucking mangoes and his arrow hit a kid. As a punishment Jalal announced this punishment for him. He hugs Jodha and says what will happen to me now. Please stop me. Jodha is helpless. Jodha says you have to face this with strength not with fear.

To make Jalal realize the mistake of salim, Rukkaiya fires arrows on Jalal’s hall. jalal grunts who has done this. Rukkaiya says I am done this. Jodha says, Salim fired an arrow at a mango and Qadir came in between.

Akbar says to hamida, i am doing this for Salim’s future. I wanna tell him that justice is the most important trait of a king. Jodha says, I will have to plea Shahenshah, just like I always do. I will try my best to get salim back to the castle.

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