Janmashtami special &TV’s Paramavatar Shri Krishna!

&TV’s popular mythological show, Paramavatar Shri Krishna has captivated the hearts of viewers within a short span of time. In the past few episodes viewers have witnessed the mischief and miracles of the natkhatbal Krishna played bythe adorable child actor Nirnay Samadhiya. On the special occasion of Janmasthami, the show will narrate little Krishna’s journey to becoming a Muralidhar.
In the upcoming episodes, viewers will see Kans, who is in search of Devki’s 8th son, will meet an asura called Shridhar. He will convince Shridhar to help him find Krishna. While on one hand Kans plots his evil plans, on the other entire Gokul will decide to celebrate Kanha’s birthday. Shridhar will attack everyone in Gokul making them unconscious. Krishna who is unaffected by it will be worried but Guru Gargacharya will hint him to look for the most divine sound on earth which will revive everyone. With the help of nature’s divine powers, Kanha will find a flute and bring back everyone to life with its melodious tune.
On this special occasion, Nirnay’s mother Deepali Samadhiya shared, “Nirnay is aware about Janmashtami as we celebrate the occasion with a special puja. After shooting the sequence of Murlidhar, he loved playing the flute so much that he wants one for himself. So I am definitely going to buy him a flute very soon.”

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