While Roshini is sleeping, all the family members try to wake her up shocking her. Kisi Ke haath Na Aayegi Yeh Ladki plays………..Reporter says it is not easy to wake her up. It is a difficult task to wake up sleeping Roshini. Her family members wake her up by ringing 4-5 alarms. Roshini says this is her first Karwachauth after marriage, so ofcourse Roshini is not accustomed to wake up early that’s why everyone try to wake her.

Sid have to pay the price. Reporter asks her to wake up as it is 4 am and it is Sargi time. You have to keep fast for your husband Sid. Roshini says who eats at 4 am? She shows the clothes given by her mother in law and shows the sargi/fruits too. She says she won’t eat anything as it seems to be rotten. It have everything which is needed in the sargi.

Reporter says she is keeping Karwachauth fast but is angry on her husband as she is doubting him to have an affair. Roshini says what else one can expect from a wife when her husband is hanging with someone else. Reporter says their misunderstanding will cleared soon. Keep reading.

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