Sid gets angry in the court room when the lawyer insults DD and Roshni. He takes out the pistol and starts shooting. Reporter says there is Sid’s drama in the court room. Sid says his wife and family’s insult is his insult and he won’t bear. He has become revolver Raja. He targets the lawyer.

Reporter says Sid was arguing with the lawyer and he puts the pistol on the lawyer. DD and Roshni are shocked. Reporter says he played this game to prove DD innocent. He wanted to proof that DD shot Rajveer to save her daughter from him. Sid says sasumom is like his mum and he is feeling food to save her. He says he did what he was supposed to do.

DD said in court that she is not repenting for her crime. DD says Sid is a big dramebaaz and it is very nice of him. Rajveer’s wife took the case. The lawyer is none other than show’s director Rohit. All the actors enjoyed well acting with the director. Reporter says Jamai Raja proved his sasumom innocent finally. Keep reading.

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