Roshini joins cooking class so that she can cook food for Sid and his family. Show Me Your Jalwa plays. Reporter says, she will show her jalwa and will cook food. This Jamai Raja’s wife will take everyone to have a wonderful treat. She wants to become expert and that’s why writing down every recipe very carefully.

Roshini says, my baigan ka bharta was a disaster so that’s why I am going to cooking class to make something good for Sid. Sid says, hats off to Roshini as she is doing any possible efforts to learn it. Reporter says, you should have learn cooking from your sasumaa. She is good at cooking.

Roshini says sorry to her mum in law. Reporter says, boiling potatoes isn’t difficult. Her friends come and spoiled her mood, but Jamai Raja Sid knows how to cool down his wife. Roshini seems to be angry at her friends but Sid pacifies her.

Roshini says, Roshini is very happy doing all that as she married Sid with her own choice. Reporter says, if Jamai Raja is perfect then his wife has to be perfect too. Keep reading.

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