Sid tells that Sasumaa taunt him, but I didn’t get insulted. He says you took money from a third person without informing me. I am lazy that’s why you took money from someone else. Roshini and his parents looks on.

Reporter says Roshini and Sid have a fight. Sid says my wife proved this and when sasumaa tells that I am lazy then it is right. You sold the jewellery and brought money. You took money from Rajveer. Sid says she took money from Rajveer and sold jewellery. Roshini tells about selling jewellery and repaying loan. Reporter says Roshini didn’t want to do that, but have to do it. They have become hate birds. Sid asks why did you marry me?

Roshini says I married the one who loved me and taught me love. DD cries missing Roshini. Reporter says we knew that you are emotional. She will put some condition which will make Sid and Roshini return home. Keep reading.

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