Rajveer targets pistol on Roshini, while she is being tied up and kept at an isolated place. DD gets shocked seeing him targetting Roshni. Sid gets shocked too. DD shoots at him to save Roshni’s life. Reporter says Ravan has died and Roshni’s life is saved. DD has become a hero and rescued Roshni. Rajveer dies. Roshni says she comes here following Rajveer. He kidnapped her and tries to kill her, but DD shoots him inorder to save her. She says Sid also comes there. She says Rajveer dies.

Sid says Rajveer has died. Reporter says he has kidnapped Roshni and tortured her. He was about to kill Roshni, just then DD and Sid reaches there. Sid says there is no other way out than to shoot Rajveer. Reporter says Sid didn’t expect his sasumaa to shoot Rajveer. He would have done this, but DD shoot him. DD says she took the trophy at the end and laughs.

Sid says she is a heroine. Reporter says Police comes and arrests DD. Roshni has decided to freed her mum and will definitely try and save her. Reporter says this is last day for Vishal as he is ending the show. He says this is a big twist and don’t know where will the story progress. Kritika is seen crying holding Rajveer’s body. Roshni tries to console her. Kritika pushes her angrily and weeps again. Keep reading.

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