Its payback time for Aliya and Tanu in Kumkum Bhagya!

Finally Pragya and Abhi will teach them a lesson!

The moment we were waiting for is finally here! Tanu and Aliya are finally going to get a taste of their own medicine! Abhi and Pragya are finally together as Abhi has successfully saved Pragya from Nikhil’s evil trap. Pragya and Abhi are both happy that they are safe but now, Pragya has decided to take revenge from Tanu and Aliya!

(She has played the innocent one for long now, isn’t it?)

Aliya will get to know that Abhi has retained his memory! She will, therefore, be very tensed about Abhi confronting her on her plans to kill Pragya. She will then put all the blame on Tanu!

Okay, what? So the person on Tanu’s team has flipped on her and she is now in big trouble. But, Pragya and Abhi know that Aliya had a major hand in the conspiracy, so it is she who will be paying for her crimes soon!

Finally, after a lot of monotonous content, Aliya and Tanu will get the payback they deserve!

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