It is going to be a ‘Valentine’s Day’ marriage for this loved TV actor!

Their’s is a fairytale story which will soon transpire into an amazing wedding.

Fairytales have a reason for being called fairytales, for they are an imagination or a fantasy rather than reality. However, when it comes to actor Amit Dolawat, the case is completely different.

The phrase, ‘love is in the air’ became quite literal for Amit, when he met his fiancee, Cheshta Sharma, on a flight. Yes! That’s right. Not only that, she wasn’t a co-passenger, but was in fact, an air hostess.

Now three years later, the couple has had an amazing relationship and are all set to get married on February 14th, 2017.

In one-of-a-kind instances, the couple’s love story was always booming mid-air, as the actor would travel to different cities only to meet her.

After facing a rocky road in an attempt to coax their parents for getting married, it was the couple’s dream to have a Valentine’s Day marriage. And not only that, the couple will not be taking seven pheras, but in fact, eight pheras, where Amit has to vow to handle her nakhras all his life just like in the past.

Post an amazing wedding, the couple is planning to go on a honeymoon to Thailand. They plan to go out every month for a small vacation post their marriage.

We wish the couple loads of congratulations!

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