Isha Malviya: Got emotional seeing myself dressed as bride in ‘Udaariyaan’

Actress Isha Malviya, who plays Jasmine in the show “Udaariyaan”, recently shot for a wedding sequence that made her emotional. The actress says that she took a picture of herself in bridal get-up and sent it to her mom.

“I got emotional seeing myself dressed as a bride. The dress was just so beautiful. When I saw myself in the mirror, I took a picture and sent it to my mom. She was so happy to see me dressed as a dulhan (bride). For the viewers of the show, I can safely say that the upcoming episodes are going to be a mix of celebration as well as some high voltage drama!” she says.

The actor adds that the sequence marks an important point in the show.

“The wedding track in Udaariyaan signals a very important moment in my character, Jasmine’s life. It shows how Jasmine has nurtured her dream of going to Canada ever since she was a kid and is finally about to get fulfilled,” she says.

Meanwhile, actor Ankit Gupta, who plays the role of Jasmine’s love interest in the show, says: “There’s no celebration as fun-filled as a Punjabi wedding. They are an absolute blast! But the best part about the wedding sequence is the drama that is going to unfold. This sequence spells a new chapter in the lives of all the characters involved and I hope that people will love it,” he says.

“Udaariyaan” airs only on Colors.

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