I’m thankful to my audience as they have given me so much that today I have the liberty to choose: Deepika Singh

MUMBAI: Deepika Singh rose to fame with her character as Sandhya Sooraj Rathi in Star Plus’ Diya Aur Baati Hum, the show shut shop two years ago but her character ‘Sandhya’ has become one of most iconic characters of television and is still missed and remembered. The show topped the TRP charts for a long time and had a successful run for five years.

business mortgage got in touch with Deepika and asked her what would be the one role that she desired to play, the ace actress said that she would love to play a strong and fierce historical character that is remembered for courage and good work in History; as an actor she would feel satisfied to play such roles. She mentioned that if she gets one, she will grab the opportunity, but along with this, she is also open to accepting other characters that are challenging and will appeal to her.

She further stated that doing a negative or a supernatural role isn’t wrong and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like it, but she would like to wait for better options. She doesn’t know whether she will get such roles or not, but until then she is focusing on her Odissi dance career which gives her immense satisfaction as an artist, and till the time she doesn’t get a good role she will focus on her dance career.

She also said that a lot of people have told her that she has taken a lot of time to come back but she doesn’t feel like that as after the show ended in the year 2016, she gave her full time to her personal life and took a sabbatical break as she worked continuously for five years and now only in July 2018 she has started to look for work again. During this break, Deepika also embraced motherhood and devoted her time to her little baby.

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Well, we wish the actress comes back soon on television with a kick-ass role and once again would entertain the audience with her talented acting skills.

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