“I would like to do something light-hearted:” Sahil Salathia

Everest fame Sahil Salathia’s passion for doing quality driven work has kept him away from doing daily soaps. He has been applauded for his acting abilities and his charismatic looks at the same time.
In an exclusive conversation with , Sahil opens up about his current phase, his disapproval for what he considers “regressive TV shows” and a bit about his personal life.
Sahil, who has worked with Ashutosh Gowariker and Nikkhil Advani for his two shows, says, “After working with such two big directors I don’t wish to degrade. I want to climb the ladder.”
The supermodel turned actor has been getting offers from TV but none of them have really excited him.
“After my fans have seen me in quality projects, it won’t be right for them to see me in some daily soap. I don’t want to say meaningless dialogues or do meaningless characters on TV. I want to cater to an intelligent audience,” he says.
Last seen playing the power packed character of Yusuf in POW, Sahil is exploring his work choices and isn’t eager to make a comeback. Says he: “I’m working on something, so I’ll be back soon. I don’t work for money; I work for respect, so I didn’t wish to rush into things. I don’t believe in daily soaps so I would never do them.”
He can afford to be choosy. Modelling assignments keep his home fires burning. Amongst the top models in the country, he has been the face of campaigns for more than 50 brands. Additionally, the Barry John School of Acting School pass out, puts in a lot of hard work for every role, transforming from a squeakily clean looking mountaineer in Everest to a thickly bearded terrorist in POW.
But the actor, who believes himself to be an absolute joker and an overgrown kid, reveals: “I’m like a sixth grade kid, who is currently single but ready to mingle.” He confesses that he has had around 12-13 official girlfriends excluding the one with whom he had flings.
Talk to him about his Instagram diaries and a quirky smile pops up on his face. On his fashion sense which is the talking point on social media, he says, “Style is inbuilt in me. It’s not a conscious decision that I have taken. I’m completely moody, so there are days when I’ll walk out of my place like a homeless person. Then there are times when I’m in tuxedos. However, I would never turn up wearing a skirt and call it fashion. My fashion sense is more classic than gimmicky.”
What kind of characters and roles would he like to enact, Tellychakkar wonders? Says the hunk: “I want to do everything. I have done grey roles as of now. So I would like to do something light-hearted, which will be close to what I’m in real life. At the same time I would love to play iconic characters like Devdas or Gandhi where there is room for a lot of homework.”

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