I never thought of myself as a glamorous girl: Nia Sharma

Voted as one of Asia’s ‘Sexiest Women’, Nia Sharma is back with another project – the super hit web original, Twisted.

The sexy lass raised the temperatures high with her bold avatar in the season one of the show produced by Vikram Bhatt and JioCinema, and the season two will soon premiere on his recently launched OTT platform (VB on The Web and for the Jio users on JioCinema) from 25 April.

The second shooting schedule of the show is currently underway in Mumbai. The show received a tremendous response in the first season and it is now back again owing to its immense popularity.

Twisted 2 will narrate the story of Aliyah Mukherji who is framed with the murder of her boyfriend Vinod. Enters Aaryan, but this time as an ex-cop and an alcoholic scarred by his diminishing career. He is vengeful and wants to get back at Aliyah for tricking him the first time around, however this time, there is no law holding him back! It is going to be fair means if possible and foul means if necessary. The two are on a quest to prove the other wrong and the plot progresses with more Twisted turns and suspense than the first part.

Who will destroy whom? Things can get rough when you have two people and both are capable of a perfect murder!

Speaking about collaborating on the second season , Nia said, “Twisted 1 came as a game changer for me since it was my move from television to web. Also I was seen in a completely changed avatar which was tough for me as well. I never thought of myself as a glamorous girl or that I’d ever pull of a character like Aliyah mukherjee. But it gave me a lot of confidence after it released. Now with Twisted 2 , i feel more confident, more glamours, more experimental in terms of Aliyah’s looks and I’m extremely elated that the story also is so much more deep and impactful than last time… this is a series and a character that will not be written for me each time I go out to find projects. So I’m going to give it my all.”

We wish Nia all the best with her stint in Twisted 2!

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