Sahir realizes that he started loving Arzoo and breaks the glass. Arzoo comes to his room seeing him hurt. Sahir holds her and says you said you don’t get bother by my pain and pushes her on the ground. Arzoo looks at him and leaves.

Kurbaan Hua plays………….while Sahir cries. Reporter says Sahir’s heart is crying today. His wounds and tears are much which can’t be counted. Sahir says he is angry at Arzoo and himself. Reporter says everyone is bearing his wrath. Sahir says he did this mistake for the second time. He broke the glass and then takes out anger on Arzoo.

Arzoo says she wants to know what is Sahir’s problem and it is her mission. Reporter says Zaki started loving Arzoo. Sahir thinks Arzoo loves Zaki and may be that’s why getting angry. Reporter says Arzoo is yours and will be yours only. Tujhe Bulawun plays……… Keep reading.

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