Arzoo walks on the hot coal to punish herself. Ali Moula song plays…..She looks pained. Sahir rushes there. Arzoo falls on him at the last step and they have an eyelock. Zaki looks on. Reporter says do people hurt themselves to relieve the pain from their heart. She is seen wearing bridal dress. You might have understood how deep her pain is. She ran away from her wedding and reached the dargah. Today Sahir is feeling Arzoo’s pain. He takes Arzoo in his arms and reaches the marriage altar.

Sahir says it is a tricky question and her qubool hain is the highlight of the sequence. We don’t know who is doing what and some things are meant to be done. Reporter says Arzoo said Qubool Hai to Sahir while walking on the coal. Mere Humsafar plays…………..What will happen to Zaki now as Arzoo and Sahir are united now. Zaki jokes that two thorns with 1 flower. Sahir says she will be flower and we will be thorn. They laugh. Reporter says their marriage will be remembered by everyone. Only Sahir can lower Arzoo’s pain. Keep reading.

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