Reporter says Sagarika got strange illness and needs a therapy. She has become kleptomaniac. Sagarika says she has kleptomaniac and laughs. Ammaji looks on shocked. Her family too is shocked. Reporter says you might have heard about many diseases, but not about this one. This disease is strange, the person suffering from this disease urges to steal items. Pappu says it is about clapping. Ammaji asks since when? Sagarika says she has this stealing habit since childhood. She doesn’t know why she steal the things.

Sagarika says she is psychotic too. Bunty says I didn’t know about her illness before marriage. Sagarika says it is a genuine thing. She has stolen a necklace and then gets caught. All the family members taunt her. Ammaji says a thief is married in my house. Sagarika says she is habituated to hear Ammaji’s taunts. Bunty says I came to today that my wife is a thief. Reporter says Sagarika’s illness have shocked Bunty more. Bunty says he will write on his hand that his wife is a thief. They laugh. Reporter tells Bunty that you have to spend rest of your life with this thief. Keep reading.

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