Have always infused my healing knowledge in my paintings: Nyra Banerjee’s mother Purnita Banerjee

While she has established herself as a successful actress, not many know that Nyra Banerjee, who was recently seen in the web series “Helllo Jee”, and her mother Purnita Banerjee do spiritual paintings. They aim to promote spirituality through art, and Purnita, who is also an author, poet, and a tarot card reader, shared that her healing knowledge inspires her paintings.

She said, “I have always infused my healing knowledge, mantras, switch words, energy circles, and add a subtle, hidden appropriate mantra in my paintings that would work on a particular chakra and heal it. Each chakra has a specific colour and mantra, and the painting works on the subconscious mind, which is the best shortcut to healing.” Purnita feels that art is a silent guru and is a way of meditation as it involves focusing on the mind. She said, “Art is a form of self-healing. It integrates emotional, cognitive, and sensory processes. Any piece of art is a source of stimulus.”

“Art can transform you internally and externally. It opens your heart and feeds your mind. It does not dictate what you should do just like a guru helps you heal yourself without dominating you or preaching. It indirectly makes you identify on your darkness and illumines it,” she added. Asked how her paintings can help in healing, Purnita said, “The paintings help you align with your chakras subconsciously. Any learning that can enter the subconscious directly without the involvement of the conscious mind through the gap or the gatekeeper between the two is the best way.”

“Balanced chakras align you with the universe and help you flow. So you only have to keep these paintings in your surrounding, like in your home or office where you can see them but need not focus,” she concluded.

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