Gulki Joshi talks about the challenges behind portraying social issues on screen

Maddam Sir is known for its cop comedy that has been keeping its viewers hooked to the show.

The sitcom stars Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Bhavika Sharma and Sonali Naik in the lead roles. The show had recently welcomed a new member Salman Shaikh aka Rajvir Tomar. This cop comedy focuses on social issues and tries to give a message to everyone in a light-hearted way.

In an exclusive Interview with Gulki Joshi aka Haseena Malik, we asked her about how does it affect them as actors while performing such serious issues on screen, she answered, “At first we used to get extremely attached to the scenes and it used to affect us deeply. I still remember when we were shooting the holi sequence, it was about how the boys eve-tease girls in the name of celebration and we had Santosh coming to the police station covered in colours.”

“It is very difficult for us to act in such moments, every time we would look at her all of us would have tears in our eyes. We often take it so personally, it gets difficult for us to draw the line between the characters and the person in reality as all of us have faced these issues at some point in our lives. I can never forget that episode even while shooting for close-ups we were using tissues for hiding our tears in a shot,” she added.

Gulki shares her personal experience while drawing a line between her reel and real conflict on-screen, “Being a woman all those old scars often come to life whenever we are doing such scenes, controlling your personal emotions to perform another emotion onscreen is very challenging.”

“Haseena Malik is a cold-headed person. There have been instances when I personally felt like punching the criminal for the crime but Haseena cannot do this, she needs to teach the criminal calmly about how to change. It is commendable to see how our police force actually handles this situation in reality. They choose their moral responsibility to teach them instead of beating them,” she stated.

It is indeed a tough job to be a calm cop amid the angst and Haseena Malik aka Gulki Joshi is doing a fantabulous job on screen.

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