Good News! Shamita Shetty shares her marriage plans with her Bigg Boss 15 housemate Nishant Bhat

MUMBAI : In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, Shamita Shetty announced her marriage plans to Nishant Bhat after her conversation with Janardhan Baba, who had come to reveal the future of the contestants.

Shamita was told by Janardhan baba that in the coming months her ‘Yog’ is going to be excellent. He also shared that professionally, she has great luck in direction and production.
Talking about marriage, Janardhan baba told Shamita that she will marry an ordinary man but his luck will shine after marriage. He added that the two will have a happy married life and enjoy all the riches of life.

When Shamita asked him about kids, he said that she will have two – a girl and a boy. This made Shamita happy.

She later told Nishant, “I am going to get married this year. I don’t know the man yet,” to which Nishant took Raqesh’s name. But, Shamita shared she doesn’t know him and they have only spent time on the show.”

Nishant warned her that he has known Raqesh for a long time and he has been a ‘difficult’ person. Shamita countered that he is a different person from her and she isn’t easy to deal with either. She called Nishant judgmental and asked him not to be so harsh to his own friends.

The rest of the contestants were also told about their future. Janardhan baba predicted for Rakhi Sawant, Karan Kundrra, and Tejasswi too.

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