From Niharika Chouksey to Aakash Ahuja, check out the WHOPPING per day remuneration of the cast of Star Plus’ Faltu

MUMBAI :Star Plus’ new show ‘Faltu’, produced under Boyhood Productions has started to impress the viewers with its interesting and relatable storyline. The show stars Niharika Chouksey and Aakash Ahuja. The story revolves around an unwanted girl, Faltu, named useless after her parents’ frustration at the birth of a fourth girl when they wanted a boy. The current track is about Ayaan and Tanisha’s wedding chaos. 

The cast members are earning a huge amount of remuneration. Here is the amount that the cast charges per episode:

Aakash Ahuja

He is playing the main lead of Ayaan in the show and charging Rs 50,000 per episode. 

Niharika Chouksey

She is playing the titular role and charging Rs 45,000 per episode. 

Rajat Verma

He portrays the role of Siddharth and charges Rs 35,000 per episode.

Drishti Thakur

She is playing the role of Tanisha in the show and is charging Rs 35,000 per episode.

Vaibhavi Pradhan

She plays the role of Savita on the show and earns Rs 30,000 for one episode. 

Azhar malik

He portrays the role of Kinshuk and earns Rs 25,000 for one episode. 

Myra Singh

She is a popular child actress and portrays the role of Suhana in the show. She earns 25,000 Rs per episode.

Aryan Shah

He portrays the role of Pratap in the show and earns Rs 22,000 for one episode. 

Peehu Biswas

She plays the role of Antima and earns Rs 20,000 per episode.

Kajal Rathore

She is playing the role of Lajwanti in the show and earning Rs 20,000 for one episode. 

Farida Patel

She essays the role of Mayawati in the show and charges Rs 30,000 per episode. 

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