Everyone wants a good life partner: Prince Narula on Yuvika

Mumbai:Television actor Prince Narula has described actress and fiancee Yuvika Chaudhary as a “good life partner” for him.

Talking about Yuvika, Prince told IANS, “I love Yuvika. We just announced it (our engagement). Why life is very smooth..? When I go back home, I know Yuvika is waiting for me. My life is very set right now… I am working and now I have a life partner… Everyone wants a good life partner.”

But what about marriage?

“We will get married soon and will announce too whenever I do,” he added.

Prince is currently seen as a gang leader of the 15th season of Roadies Xtreme on MTV. He feels that reality television show is a podium for bringing out new talent.

Asked if he feels that reality shows help in being a stage to bring out new talent, he said: “Yes it does. Every talent show brings your talent out. But I feel after that people who get that fame don’t utilise that rightly. The fame from a reality show is very short… It’s how you live up to it.”

He says reality TV personality Rannvijay Singha, who will be seen as a “ring master” the show, is a “pillar” for him.

“I love Rannvijay a lot and Karan Kundra. Both are like my brothers… I don’t have a lot of friends and I don’t make any because I am very busy in life. I believe I’m working. So, people who are close to me, I call them for advise. They come after my parents… Rannvijay is like a pillar for me,” he said.

What’s after Roadies Xtreme?

“There are several series that are coming up where you’d see me. I am also doing a Punjabi project (a film) so I am working on it,” he said.

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