Veera is running behind Baldev and she has Varmala (marriage garland) in her hands. she is saying to accept it.

Reporter says, Veera is running behind baldev with garland. Also, she is dancing infront of him so that he is attracted to her and accept her proposal of marriage but what all is shown, is just a dream of Baldev, not a reality.

Off-screen Baldev says, I am seeing this dream as I think that now veera also want me to get married to her instead of Simran so I saw dream in which is proposing me for marriage. Veera says, a girl should never do this as all her life boy will taunt her that you, it was you who were running behind me for marriage.

Reporter says, Badev saw Veera in Simran’s style in his dream. She was wearing dupatta on her head and Baldev had rose in his hand and was showing attitude like a Prince.

Off-screen Veera laughs and says I liked that look. Baldev says, I was asked to play with rose but I cannot give it to Veera.

Reporter says, it was all dream but in reality they have some other plans.

Off-screen Baldev says, I will marry Simran only. Veer says, I will marry Rajveer only. Baldve laughs and says marry him, Veera laughs too and hits him.

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