A new trouble has striked Sooraj and Sandhya’s life. It’s the same person who helped RK in escaping from detention. She is wearing Ravan’s faces. She isn’t alone. RK’s sisters are with her. They are the team of RK who can do anything to save him. Sooraj helped cops in saving people from the bomb blast yet the danger isn’t over. The three ladies are still working undercover and Sadhya doesn’t know about that at all.

Reporter says, looks like Sandhya is so tired of all this. She said do whatever you all want. Zakir tells the reporter, that we came here and heard that the blast has been done. We always say police is late but now we realize how police can know things beforehand. Sadhya says, Sooraj will get a medal and will join out team. Reporter says, you have the last chance. The triangle of these girls will hijack a plane and will ask for RK in return.

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