Sooraj reaches hospital to take care of Sandhya. He holds her hand and has tears in his eyes. Reporter says, Sooraj never imagined that he will have to see Sandhya like this. When sandhya went to the village as a spy, she got shot by Maya’s man. Sooraj tells the reporter, sandhya’ life is in danger. I came running to her. SAndhya says, in three years I have to come to hospital for the first time. There were many emotional dialogues. Sooraj says, I never saw someone getting shot. So this was painful for me. Sandhya says, I will be crying but i will be strong as well. As a woman I am sentimental but as an IPS officer I am strong.

Before Sooraj reached the hospital, Zaikr was already there. He was talking about RK’s next plans. Zakir tells the reporter, He have many steps to execute in his plan. So we are planning the counter attack.

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